Frequently asked questions

Notice & Takedown Policy

For abuse reports please use




Any Childporn/CSAM watching organizations can signup by sending an e-mail to to gain access to: (Developed in 2016)


This live takedown tool is developed with our partners in our fight against online Childporn / CSAM.


We also do provide API access to this live takedown tool.

Is Novogara a Bulletproof hosting provider?

NO, Novogara is an Internet Access Service Provider.

Novogara is not a hosting provider, which means we do not offer any form of hosting.
Therefore Novogara is not a (bulletproof) hosting provider.

In order to have access to the internet our customers hire unmanaged dedicated servers, Novogara has no access to the data on the unmanaged hired servers of her clients.

Subsequently we do not allow our customers to provide bulletproof hosting on the rented servers provided by Novogara..

NB. Any content on your server(s) which does not comply with Dutch Law is a violation of our AUP and will result in suspension of our service(s).

Are Novogara services Anonymous?

We do not offer any Anonymous services.
Novogara is located in the Netherlands, we respect customer privacy but also the Law which apply in our Country.
We will not provide your details to third parties, they are safe.
However when Law Enforcement requires your details we will comply and assist them (when required) in their investigation.

Which content is not allowed on my server(s)?

Novogara does not allow anything (related) to the following content:

- Spam
- Malware
- Phishing
- DDoS
- Brute force attacks (any form)
- Childporn
- IP Spoofing / IP-Header Modification

Anything which is not allowed by the Dutch Law.

Is it allowed to use your servers for streaming purposes?

When you use our servers as streaming server or as streaming relay servers we require you to have a takedown tool, because abuse reports have to be dealt with within 20 minutes from notification by the copyright holder. If no such takedown tool is available or if we find out abuse is not being dealt with accordingly, it is not allowed to use our servers for streaming purposes. 

I have ordered a new server but not yet received details

Servers are delivered within max 48 hours after your order, most of the time you will have your server within 60 minutes.
But it can happen this takes more time, you will be notified by our provisioning department per e-mail once the server is ready.

Does Novogara provide ddos protection?

Novogara does only provide DDOS protection against "LARGE" attacks, not small ones. 
Attacks like NTP, SSDP, DNS amplification are filtered by our backbone.
For small attacks we advise to use a reverse proxy on your server (e.g. nginx) or use external services like Cloudflare.

Does Novogara provide refunds?

Novogara does only provide refunds on NON-delivered services.
Once a server is delivered we dont provide a refund, unless we did not deliver what you ordered.

If the server is not delivered yet you always have the right on a refund.

Are your dedicated servers managed?

All our servers are unmanaged, we only manage the network connection and equipment.
But if you have any software questions and we do have the knowledge to help you we will always do this!

I need KVM with my server, is this possible?

We don't offer KVM by default with our servers, however we have a few remote kvm systems.
IF they are not already in use by another customer we are able to connect them temporary to your server so you can use it for a couple of hours.

Cloudflare Proxy shield

It is not allowed to abuse our servers as a proxy between a content server in another network and Cloudflare.
When we notice your server will be suspended without any further notification.


Dedicated server within other network -> Novogara proxy -> Cloudflare proxy.

How can I test network speed?

We have a Speedtest server available at: